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   Boutique Hotel Beijing is located in Beijing tianzhu airport economic development zone, and the China international exhibition center and the capital airport zhichizhiyao, convenient to arrive at the capital international airport. Hotel adjacent to Beijing's largest high-end villa residential area, equipped with various international restaurant around, traffic is very convenient.[View Detail]                    

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  • BIG Bing
    Distance to airport, school travel is fairly easy. Room small, but a people stay a night also not pick, room in facilities also good, compared new. bathroom quality good, bath zhihou not over water. also no sewer odor. except room, seems Hotel no what public facilities, but more than 200 more block money of price, also didn't what say of. front desk for has phone number, but Airport Information Center only check to old number, playing not pass, had to playing of to. really sorry taxi driver,Lining up at the airport for a long time, but catch up so close to the business.
  • joyce_ju
    It's very surprising, the price near the airport in Beijing has been very, very good
  • babypig625
    Hotel is OK, is the distance from the airport is a bit far
  • Amanda7566
    Nice ... pretty good.
  • cc0327
    You want to check in at the airport calling before time, reply arrived within 20 minutes of the hotel, the result to T2 Terminal 40 minutes, almost missed the plane, drive driver says the car is he driving, who said 20 minutes Ah!
  • luxixi1018
    Elevator not luggage upstairs and health can
  • e04195431
    Very satisfied with the hotel's 24-hour airport shuttle service, call pick up just go to the airport to arrange a car to pick
  • sd4756519
    That's good
  • dumpclub
    How do you say, because it is close to the airport, so noisy, environment or something well! there is a girl at the front desk especially fierce, my boyfriend is registered, it forced people to register, this is to tell the truth, I do not accept!
  • JIE880820
    Really good
  • JaneWu118
    No elevator, but large luggage can be kept front desk, new hotels and health can also, decorating tastes, catch planes shuttle. overall OK.
  • caiyanwu
    Room size was small, transfer can choose. no elevator is a malady, luggage may feel tired.
  • jxxfcjw
    Just needed the hotel for one night. Was okay for that.
  • gongwei
    Given a temporary room, the Windows will not shut, my worst hotel experience once in 20 years
  • jannyfu
    Near the airport, very convenient! service is also very good!
  • m02378330
    Nice, feels very comfortable, very clean, style is also very special, very nice!
  • liprc
    Navigation will enter harmony police station or not found at all, after many setbacks, I was going to throw up.
    A small and affordable hotels. value for money should be a match and warm ... maybe next time it will come.
  • alponso
    In addition to no lift, luggage inconvenience, others OK
  • asxc890
    Hotel is small, but relatively warm, is perfect for short business trips.
  • leeyi11
  • gaogaoma
    If the transfer at Beijing Capital International Airport, was a good choice! Hotel Nice, and the price is reasonable. hotel location is not particularly hard to find, but there is a free airport transfer service because the plane was seriously delayed, Ning Chen 2, hotel rooms I booked was sold, after consultations, I upgraded to superior room satisfaction! and will come again!
  • ajvon
    That's good
  • Mrstrong
    Hotels near airport, value for money good, carpooling to and from the airport, a trip an hour.
  • excelle_gujun
    Close to airport although drivers have problems finding it sometimes. Hotel is clean, service is good, they have airport shuttle, there is also a convenience store nearby. Will stay there again.
  • delta
    Hard to find, hotel security very silent, directing a car was hit
  • Anna1007
    Features Airport transfer service
  • copyngan
    Hotel is new, clean
  • lubo1983
    A designer hotel, right. some distance from the airport, airport, convenient. service still line. the main attraction is the overall sense of modern design, a lot of interesting modern design elements. short little room a bit smaller.
  • foxwong
    For the families themselves used to live very well
  • malin80428
    Because it is the business of airport, bad service, room TV basically cannot see, book room turned into a double bed. but close to airport, convenient flight
  • ivan_ng
    Well, beauty reception, excellent service
  • lulu_w0209
    Nice hotel, small and exquisite, near the Beijing International Airport, land location. Breakfast was very good, and a shuttle to the Terminal, there is no elevator, upstairs is a bit inconvenient.
  • lnlcjs
    Service good, feel a bit isolated
  • LeungYan
    Overall is good, but there are mosquitoes.
  • e01649584
    Hotel services were good, but the price is not too high too small box it's hard to turn around a room, most of the space was big Mac's big double take, the geographical position is hard to find, but the hotel provides airport transfer service. If an emergency can not find more appropriate airport hotels can be.
  • donggua0717
    Good, very attentive service,
  • wj11192000
    Hotel not very good is that there is no elevator
  • e03343537
    15 minutes by car from the airport terminal, good location, nearby to eat is also more convenient, the room was too general, but near the airport and that the price is too expensive
  • e01093709
    Accommodation the overall experience is good, feel that employers and employees are very hard, next time will come;)
  • joyceding
    Good health, also very close from the airport. closed the window barely heard the sound does not affect sleep. no snack around, restaurants. check selected when small, such as 401,301, because the Queen closer to the East, is a square in the East, ' dance is too loud speakers drove. small room cannot hear.
  • e00026348
    Location is decorated with a unique style
  • lj1998
    For airport hotels, health, facilities are good, location is not too hard to find.
  • saivai
    Just renovated a little taste, front desk very good. turn one night can be.
  • swding
    I only wants to said this is a between shops, stay Shi first card make has room, phone displayed buckle paragraph success, call to Bank also said buckle paragraph has, front desk surname Huo of female waiter non-said she of machine displayed trading failed, let I took cash and make has once room, said second days morning contact boss has returned money, results two article past has contact front desk didn't people tube, to has she phone, to she not received, shops a never staying!
  • W.Aixin
    Very close from the airport, service was good, the proposed increase in food service
  • Co na
    Good good love
  • gmomimg
    The property has a fraud, after the scheduled queries to a distance of 100 meters from the airport, is actually more than seven kilometers! also free shuttle bus schedule (in fact it could be black) and bad attitude! but the hotel receptionist was good.
  • e03092578
    Small hotel from the airport and Exhibition Center near, near, though not exciting, but there are barbecue restaurants, breakfast, small supermarket, convenience.
  • cgy90117
    The hotel price super high, although the shop but very warm, hotel room in Beijing, is still very large. round bed room gave me a free upgrade, take a shuttle to the airport at 6 in the morning, great.